About Frankee

Picture Taker | Tea (and Gin) Drinker | Romantic

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I'm Frankee and I take photos, drink gin and hang out mainly in Oxfordshire. 

I've written a few things over there ----> about myself. Or I can totally summarise it to - I love my dog and Excel.*

(*disclaimer: I love my family too, obvs) 

I recently photographed a wedding where we were chatting about how I worked and the couple told me that I "get the job done, without being annoying" which is basically the goal - so I'm stealing their words and using them as my motto. (Thank you B and C). 

If you think I might be the kind of person you'd like to have around and photograph your wedding day, then get in touch - I'd love to hear from you!  You can also stalk go see my Facebook page / Instagram if you do the social media thing. 

I've recently signed up to run the London Marathon in 2019 for charity and I will be donating 10% of all bookings from now until the big run - here is the link in case anyone would like to read up, but also shamelessly hoping you might sacrifice one gin on a night out for a donation here instead! My Fundraising Page 


    • Ok first off, Frankee is my actual name. Hiii! 
    • I'm based in Bicester, Oxfordshire. It has a big mega shopping village which is potentially why you've heard of it.
    • Mark is my husband, we got maried in France and was the best, most gin filled week ever. (it only took us 14 years to get married, winning!)
    • We have 2 children; 2 boys, Freddie (8) and Oscar (6). They are crazy and sweet in equal measure. 
    • I tricked my husband into getting a dog last year, so I'm fully dog obsessed now. He's the best, and I'll definitely show you some photos, or videos, or probably both. I'm out of control.
    • I LOVE photography and I LOVE weddings. Which is handy seeing as I've combined the two for a job.
    • A good cup of tea (or a good gin) is the answer to EVERYTHING.
    • I love numbers and Excel and spreadsheets. Nothing is organised until it's in a spreadsheet.
    • I try to be healthy, but gin.
    • Oh, and I make lists....lists of lists.

    This is
    Freddie + Oscar
    These are 100% bribed smiles
    This is
    Me and the Husband
    He's just carried all my camera equipment up a mountain, he's so lucky to have me.
    This is my dog
    The love of my life
    This is
    All of us
    As good as a family photo gets, ironic.