Info About Me




Thanks so much for visiting my website, and making it as far as the about me bit :-) My name is Frankee (That’s me over there –>>) and I am a professional wedding photographer in Oxfordshire but I travel all over the country and abroad to photograph weddings. Here are a few things about me:



  • Ok first off, Frankee is my actual name. Not short for anything – and yep, I’m sure. :-p (Thank you parents for that one)
  • I AM PLANNING MY OWN WEDDING – YEAAAAHHHHHHHH!! (Not too excited about that)
  • ^ Wedding done! I now have a husband! (It only took us 14 years) –>> That’s Mark over there with me, on our wedding day. We’re pretty cool.
  • I’m based in little old Bicester, Oxfordshire. It has a big shopping village which is potentially why you’ve heard of it.
  • I have 2 children; 2 boys, Freddie (7) and Oscar (5). They are crazy and sweet in equal measure.
  • I have recently got a puppy so I’m fully dog obsessed now. He’s the best, and I’ll definitely show you some photos, or videos, or probably both. I’m out of control.
  • I LOVE photography and I LOVE weddings. Which is handy seeing as I’ve combined the two for a job.
  • A good cup of tea (or a good gin) is the answer to EVERYTHING.
  • I love numbers and Excel and spreadsheets. Nothing is organised until it’s in a spreadsheet.
  • I try to be healthy, but gin.
  • Oh, and I make lists….lists of lists.

Sooooo that is pretty much me. (Thought I might have more bullet points than that.)

If you think I might be the kind of person you’d like to photograph your wedding day, then get in touch. You can also stalk go see my Facebook page / Instagram if you want to see more.


“Keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about”