F A Wedding Q’s

Here are a few FAQ's for the wedding photography services I provide. They should answer most things, but if you have any other questions just pop me an email and I will get back to you quickly. 

Q. What kind of photographer are you?

Ok, so I think my photography is represents the kind of person I am – “Romantic and Arty” (I know, mega technical!)

I love to find light and use composition in interesting ways, to show you something from a view you may not have seen. As much as I adore the bride and groom portraits (and I can’t even tell you how much I love them!!) – I love the details too. Every. Single. Photograph is carefully thought about and is taken with an end image in mind. My aim is that you’ll have images that’ll look incredible, make use of beautiful light and shadow, and can be put together in the most wonderful album at the end.

I want you to trust that your photographs are the most important thing to me, everything else comes waaaaaay down after.

Q. What can I expect?

The photographs I take during the day will be done in a way that will recreate your wedding day. I am there to capture the MOMENTS, all those things that you might not remember because everything went so quickly – you will get to feel again and relive through the photos. I will focus on watching your wedding, seeing the interaction and capturing the atmosphere.

Q. Will I get copyright?

No, but honestly – you won’t need it.  You will get a print release that will allow you to print as many images as you’d like and in any size you’d like. This also means you can put on social media and send to friends and family – so basically anything for personal use! What you aren’t permitted to do, is use the photos for advertising purposes (this includes passing on to other suppliers who may ask for them – send these guys my way!) or sell them.

Q. When can I expect my photographs back?

I aim to have clients galleries ready around 8 weeks after your wedding.

Q. Do you do formal group shots?

I totally understand the importance of some group shots, however – just having people stand in a line for a photo is a bit rubbish. Group shots always take a lot longer than anyone anticipates – organising people who basically just want to eat canapés, have a drink and chat is somewhat challenging, and this would be much better time spent for you actually doing those things with your guests too! So, I will always limit group shots to a maximum of 10.

Q. How long will you photograph for?

A full day for me is bridal prep (around 1.5hours before the ceremony starts) through to first dance – typically this is around 8 hours, but if you’re day doesn’t quite follow this, don’t worry – as long as your first dance takes place before 9pm I will be there to capture it. If things are going to run later than this and you would like more evening coverage then you can always add on extra time to your package :-)

Q. How long do you need for the bride and groom photos?

So. To get the best out of me and your photos I always suggest scheduling in time after the ceremony and again after dinner – nothing too crazy, 15 minutes each time should do it. This way you will get some lovely variation in your photos, whether that’s just going to a different spot – or catching some gorgeous evening light!

I am a huge huge advocate of the bride and groom portraits, this is the only time I will reeeeaallly push you for some time. (sorrynotsorry) So PLEASE schedule in at least this – whether we go off somewhere different or we just walk around the venue, it doesn’t matter as long as we have that bit of time where you leave your guests to it, and we take a quiet walk to sneak some photographs in.

Q. What about breaks during the wedding? 

When you all sit down for your meal, that is when I will hide away too.  No-one wants to see photos of people putting food in their mouths, and no-one wants me around at that time with a camera in their face. So it’s the perfect time for me to also grab something to eat, back up memory cards, change batteries etc. Of course, I will never go far – and if there is something happening during the meal, then just let me know and I can be back very quickly to catch it!

Q. How can I contact you?

Telephone, text, Facebook, Email – even Whatsapp if you’d like :-) At absolutely any time. One of my favourite things about photographing weddings is getting to know the bride and groom and all the preparation that goes into the day. So staying in touch throughout this process is important.

Q. Will you travel? 

Absolutely! I love to travel all over for weddings, definitely a perk of the job :-) All travel costs within England are included in the cost.

Q. What do I do next?

If you would like any more information or would just like a chat then let me know. If you decide you would like to book (yay!) a non-refundable booking fee of £500 is taken, along with a signed contract. This confirms your date and makes it 100% official. (Eeeeeeek!)



Sometimes photos just look better in a field :-)


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