About Frankee

Picture Taker | Tea (and Gin) Drinker | Romantic

What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly? | Erin Hanson


I'm Frankee and I take photos, drink gin and hang out mainly in Oxfordshire. 

I've written a few things over there ----> about myself. Or I can totally summarise it to - I love my dog and Excel.*

(*disclaimer: I love my family too, obvs) 

I recently photographed a wedding where we were chatting about how I worked and the couple told me that I "get the job done, without being annoying" which is basically the goal - so I'm stealing their words and using them as my motto. (Thank you B and C). 

If you think I might be the kind of person you'd like to have around and photograph your wedding day, then get in touch - I'd love to hear from you!  You can also stalk go see my Facebook page / Instagram if you do the social media thing. 


  • Ok first off, Frankee is my actual name. Hiii! 
  • I live near Bicester, Oxfordshire. It has a big mega shopping village which is potentially why you've heard of it.
  • Mark is my husband, we got maried in France and it was the best, most gin filled week ever. (it only took us 14 years to get married, winning!)
  • We have 2 children; 2 boys, Freddie (9) and Oscar (7). Mark recently described Freddie as the little pig who built his house from bricks and Oscar as the little pig who built his house from straw - and this couldn't be more accurate. 
  • I tricked my husband into getting a dog, so I'm fully dog obsessed now. He's the best, and I'll definitely show you some photos, or videos, or probably both. I'm out of control.
  • A good cup of tea (or a good gin) is the answer to EVERYTHING.
  • Obsessed with Excel and spreadsheets. Nothing is organised until it's in a spreadsheet.
  • I try to be healthy, but gin.
  • My favourite film is Labyrinth. COME ON, David Bowie + leggings + mullet + excellent songs.
  • My favourite person ever is Tom Hanks, I love him. 
  • Oh, and I make lists....lists of lists.

This is
Freddie + Oscar
These are 100% bribed smiles
This is
Me and the Husband
He's just carried all my camera equipment up a mountain, he's so lucky to have me.
This is my dog
The love of my life
This is
All of us
As good as a family photo gets, ironic.