Family Photographer Oxfordshire | Christmas Photo

Hiya. So I just wanted to share my christmas photo this year :-)

I love photographing my two boys but they are by far my most difficult clients. For this photo, I just wanted something simple and christmassy without being cheesy.

So we moved all the furniture in our little lounge out the way (all piled up on the other side behind me!) and I got the boys to get in front of the tree – I was actually trying to do a different photo with a completely different idea – but once we’d finished, they turned around and were looking at the tree. I thought it just looked so nice with me taking a photo of them looking at it from behind I asked them to sit down next to each other – and then Freddie put his arm around his brother and that was it!! I got pretty lucky, because almost as soon as his arm was on him, Oscar then wriggled away laughing and they were totally done with having their photo taken. (The whole thing was probably only about 5 minutes – which should give you an idea of the limited time I get with my children for a photo before they’ve had enough!!)

A lot of people have asked if I’ve photoshopped this much to get the glow and the look – but I haven’t edited any more than I usually do and I haven’t added anything that wasn’t there. (Long shutter speed and lots of lights in the tree!) So very little done to it in post processing and only took a few mins to edit – which is the opposite to last years photo, where I added snow and probably spent the longest i’ve ever spent editing a single image!

Anyway, I love this image. A little bit magical. A lot christmassy. <3


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