Freddie + Oscar | Family Photographer Oxfordshire

In January this year, I said I needed to take my two out and take some photos of them, only 11 months later and that’s what I did! I’ve had a few family photography sessions at the woods recently, so thought why not take them up there as well (with the dog).

Photographing my own children is a LOT harder than photographing other peoples children – why is that?? I did get a handful photos that I absolutely love, and thought the rest were destined for the outtakes that will get filed and not looked all that much. I decided to edit them anyway, and as I did, I found that I was seeing their personalities perfectly.

It was grumpy faces, stupid smiles, crazy laughing and not listening to a word I was saying. It was real life.

So, not the set of photographs I went out to get, but ones that are 100% making my heart sing. The Outtakes <3