Paddling pool, Ice creams and family | Family Photography Oxfordshire

This weekend I thought I hadn’t taken enough photos of home life recently, so I decided to take on a family photography Oxfordshire project! I followed my children (and Edie, my neice) around with my camera for a couple of days – Not doing anything particularly out of the ordinary, I just wanted to capture our the little things in our daily routine.  We were lucky we had such a nice weekend with the weather, so the paddling pool and ice creams came out (along with a BBQ, good friends and some beer).


I love how Freddie’s freckles have come out in the sun!


The ones at the end of Oscar make me smile, he has recently taken to picking up my camera and saying “Cheese mummy, I want to cheese” – so those are the result of him sitting there demanding some photos ;-)


Sometimes, it’s nice to sit back and realise – life is happy :-)


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